Mission Help India Society
What We Want to Do
As a starter we want to focus on the following:

• Medical camps.
• Postnatal care of mothers.
• Supplementing the resources of orphanages.
• Scholarships for meritorious students
• Help to deserving widows for marriage of their daughters.
• Mobile library.
• Help to the homeless.
• Adult education.
• Help to the handicapped and senior citizens.
The Mission Help Approach
We are certain that the only sustainable way to make change last is to adopt a systematic approach to plan practical, feasible and effective measures to reach maximum people by:

First, looking at people’s needs as per perceived priority .
Then, match our resources contingent on the generosity of donors.
And, allocation of funds and resources for the projects or activities.
Finally, monitoring the expenditure of funds allotted to ensure optimum benefit.