Mission Help India Society
Mission Help India Society is secular, not-for-profit organization registered under the Societies' Registration Act of 1998 of the state of Jammu and Kashmir on 29 June 2013. There is never enough of help, empathy and compassion for the needy sections of our society.

To that end , a group of retired and serving professionals and entrepreneurs thought of paying back to the society that gave them material and moral encouragement to make it good it their lives. We are a young Organization set up to help all needy sections of Society for a better life. We have a wide charter for individual and social uplift that will unfold as we raise resources and work in cooperation with the Government of Jammu and Kashmir.
Motivation for our Being
The State of Jammu & Kashmir has a troubled history from the time of partition in 1947. Unlike other states of the Union of India, Article 370 accords special status to J&K State whereby individuals who are not bonafide residents of the State cannot acquire any property. Whereas, this special status has prevented demographic dilution of indigenous population, it has resulted in restricted investments from outside, thus affecting employment opportunities for its youth in competitive professions inside and outside the State. In addition the insurgency since 1989 has adversely affected the overall growth in J&K. Except for the urban centres of Jammu and Srinagar which alternate as capital of the State in winter and summer respectively, the outlying area have large population in need of social support, especially in health care, education and poverty alleviation.

Founding members have risen to their positions from the grass route level and have shared the pains of the deprived in outlying areas. It was not uncommon for young women to develop complications after childbirth; at times resulting in death due to lack of resources to seek timely treatment and get necessary medicines. Kashmir Valley has almost 30000 orphans due to militancy related deaths of their parents. Although the Government of J&K is the main provider of succor to its people, we felt that a sincere effort to act as a bridge between the administration and populace and to do our bit in focusing on the deprived sections of the society will fill a social need for which needless to say there are other similar organizations. We want to be a Society with a difference because the founding members have sincere desire to use their vast experience and talent acquired in their respective professions to help the needy. We are motivated to contribute with our willing efforts to plan and execute schemes, although we wish we had the financial resources from within for substantive results on our own.